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5 Plugins to Unlock Your Website’s Super Powers

In this session, I’ll show off a few of my favorite plugins, and go in-depth into how easy it is to really make any WordPress site super-awesome!

The more you know: web accessibility

This session will cover an introduction to web accessibility. We will cover the fundamentals of accessibility, an overview of development and testing tools, strategies to integrate accessibility into your development process, and who to keep in mind when thinking in terms of accessibility (spoiler alert: it’s everyone!).

This Talk is so Meta

A talk about adding custom meta fields that goes beyond simply adding a one field meta box and doesn’t teach you how to use a one-size-fits-all plugin. We’ll get meta registered properly with sanitization functions, setup some simple field types with reusable display functions, and go over some more complex fields that require a bit of CSS and JS. Learn about all of this and the common pitfalls to avoid.

Baptism by Fire: When Your Blog Post Goes Viral

35-40 readers on a good day—that’s what I was accustomed to as a Blogger for the Marquette Educator. So I was more than a bit surprised when my blopost: “An Open Letter to Governor Walker” went viral, getting over 300,000 hits in one week, and being excerpted in, Esquire, Daily Kos, Washington Post, and even a nod in the New York Times. In this session, I will revisit that infamous week back in February and the many unexpected lessons I gleaned as a writer, as a public employee, and as a citizen of the blogosphere.

Making Money With WordPress (WordPress E-Commerce)

We’ll be covering what you need to consider before launching an e-commerce site and why you need to build a platform, not just a store.

We’ll also walk through the details of optimizing a WordPress site for e-commerce and setting up a WooCommerce install.

WordPress and a 10,000 Year Clock

In this session, I’ll talk about how The Long Now Foundation has been using WordPress since 02007 to blog about various projects related to long-term thinking and how it, itself, has become a long-running project.

Your categories and tags are broken

Users have it. Posts have it. Even comments have it. So, why not categories or tags? In this session, I’ll talk about how WordPress taxonomies work (or more specifically, how they don’t work) and what we are doing to make them work better in the very near future.

Taking Your WordPress Website From Fresh-Out-of-the-Box to Search-Engine-Optimized

In this session, Scott will discuss techniques and tools that will help your WordPress website gain the visibility it deserves (and more) in the search engines. Algorithms change constantly, leaving many webmasters wondering what they can do to ensure their websites remain visible in the search engines.

Applying best practices, using the right WordPress
 plugins and tweaking various settings in the WordPress Dashboard can help you get a leg up on the competition. The goal of this session is that you’ll walk away knowing how to improve the overall rankings of your website in the search engines for the long term.

BuddyPress + WP-API

Session will include quick overview of WP-API. Also, how to get BuddyPress data into WP-API. Will show use cases for BuddyPress JSON data.